The story of Frump

Frump (n.) - An unappreciated woman.

Frump: The All-Mom Garage Band was a group of women who needed to make some noise. We played originals and retro-pop parodies. Many songs were about the experience of motherhood.

I started the band in 2001 with the goal to play the drums at my 40th birthday party. Our friends, families and neighbors quickly became enthusiastic fans, the media became interested and the next thing we knew we felt like rock stars!

A new statement from SZ

I regret to report that Frump is no longer a band. Due to "creative differences" and conflict over direction, the group disbanded in 2005. I have been unable (really, just too stunned and sad) put together another permanent ensemble.

I'm proud of myself for standing-up for, and having clarity about what was important to me.

As I find myself a drummer alone with a vision (or am I a visionary alone with some drums?) I hope to be an improved steward for my ideas, and a better director of my next project.

Lately I've been into studying the practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) developed by Marshall Rosenberg. I'm working on my house, writing some and, I guess, "hibernating" creatively. I've noticed that in the past, my productive energy has come in cycles, so we'll see what else might bloom eventually.

Thank you all for your support, for having fun and being a great audience.

Suzie Riddle

Frump the all-mom garage band